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My dog barks constantly!
There are a multitude of reasons why your dog may be barking, as a warning or alert, in playfulness or excitement, attention seeking, anxiety, boredom or responding to other dogs, etc. Some breeds of dogs bark much more than others as it is in their nature. You will need to take this into consideration when acquiring your puppy or dog. Once you know why your dog is barking, you will have a better chance of successfully redirecting his/her energy into a more quiet pursuit. Many people have dogs as 'outside only' dogs and give them little attention, these dogs would likely be barking for attention, out of boredom, from anxiety or a mix of all of the above. If a person lives on a busy street, there may be activities going on that give the dog the desire to bark an alert or a warning. Some dogs that have exposure to individuals going by may develop issues with aggressiveness due to teasing by children and adults.
Our behavioral training takes place in your home or the venue in which the undesirable behavior is taking place. We will assess the situation, figure out what is making your dog react, then develop a program to retrain your dog away from the undesirable behavior. If you would like to use our behavioral training services, please contact us and we will be happy to come out assess the situation and start the training needed to negate the undesirable behavior.
Many dogs bark at passersby in order to warn them away from their property (this is a type of 'resource protection'). Generally, the people keep moving away, giving the dog the impression that he/she was successful in driving off the possible indruder. This reinforces their behavior and they are more likely to continue it in the future. Watch your dog, figure out where the desire to bark stems from, then use that information in order to retrain your dog.
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