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How can I prevent my dog from escaping when I open my front door?
Outdoors is filled with wonderful scents, sounds and visions. It is a vibrant cacophany of tantalizing distractions that many dogs cannot wait to get into. While this is perfectly normal behavior for a dog, it can also be very dangerous. In order to protect your dog from the dangers that exist in outdoor doggy wonderland, you will want to teach him or her to 'wait' until you release them to go outside. We suggest that you use this command upon both entry and exit and use it every time. If your demands upon your dog are not consistent, it won't matter how much training you do, your dog still won't be totally reliable because you are not totally reliable. Our training programs will help you teach your dog how to wait at the door until you allow them to go through it.
One such use of the 'wait' command is having your dog 'wait' for your release to begin eating. This will keep you from being bowled over by an overly anxious dog. Do not confuse the 'wait' command with the 'leave it' command. Leave it means the dog is never to touch the item.
This command can be used in many different instances where you want your dog to 'wait' before doing something. In our intermediate obedience class, we will show you not only how to teach the 'wait' command, but also many different instances where it can be utilized.
With this training, you will ensure that the entry and exit of the home will be relaxed and stress free for both you and your dog. No more being bowled over by a furry torpedo!
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