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My dog is afraid of other people and dogs
If your dog is still a puppy, this fear can often be alleviated through socialization with other puppies and people in a safe controlled environment (unless this fear is extreme). Many people realize their puppies are afraid and compound the problem by trying to console the puppy. Depending on the way the person consoles, this either rewards the puppy for undesirable behavior, or enstills in the puppy that there is a valid reason for the behavior. Our protective parental insticts can often work against us in this manner. With our puppy socialization classes, we can stop this behavior before it starts or before it gets worse. Please keep in mind that your dog's personality will dicate how socially interactive he/she will be. A gregarious dog will always be more social than a shy one. If you own a dog that has fear issues with people and dogs, this will be a harder issue to deal with (than a puppy), but can still be dealt with effectively in most cases.
There are many ways a dog's body language displays fear or anxiety and we can teach you how to read these signals, then react to them in the proper way in order to aleviate your dog's fear or anxiety issues. If you believe your puppy or dog is having these issues, please contact us, we will visit you and your dog in the venue that the fear/anxiety issues are taking place. We will perform an assessment of the situation and your dog's disposition, then provide you with a training path to take.
If you have seen people with low self esteem put on a show of false bravado, you will begin to understand the agressive behavior some dogs show in a fear situation.
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