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My dog jumps on people!
Your dog jumps on people for the specific reason of wanting attention. Normally, when a dog jumps on people it elicits attention be it positive or negative in nature. Since attention is the goal, then any attention the dog garners is a reinforcement for the activity. While jumping is a natural behavior for a dog, it is an annoying, sometimes damaging behavior when used on a human. Many people make the mistake of reinforcing this behavior with puppies by picking them up when they jump. Once the dog gets older and the jumping is no longer desirable, the owner finds himself dealing with a very highly long term reinforced behavior that will take a lot of consistency to get rid of. Through our instruction, you will
We look forward to working with you and your dog in addressing the issues of jumping up on you, your family and your friends. We can address this issue through private instruction in your home where the activity happens or you can address the issues yourself through our group training classes.

Our Obedience Classes and Puppy Classes address issues such as this and many others.
learn the correct way to interact with your dog in order to curb the habit of jumping. Through our instruction, you will learn exactly when to react and what to do in reaction to your dog's jumping behavior. As long as you and anyone else that comes in contact with your dog, follows these instructions, your dog will learn that jumping up no longer gives them any attention they desire and they will eventually drop the behavior. Understand that if at any point after the behavior has deminished, you reinforce an instance, you can bring the behavior back full force very quickly and have to go back to square one in eliminating it.
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