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I will be posting videos here from time to time. Many owners do not want their training sessions video taped and I always respect my client's wishes so this will not be a representation of the number of dogs I am currently or have in the past worked with. Just a smattering of videos for your enjoyment.
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This is Tabby. The first time I met Tabby, he not only barked and growled at the door, when his owner walked out with him on a leash, he barked and growled and strained at his leash to get to me. Tabby is very smart and very responsive and he learned not to react to the doorbell rather quickly. Once he learned not to react to the doorbell, we turned to his aggression towards people. Again, as you can see by this recording, Tabby's reactivity level to both the door and a stranger went down to zero.
Bruno was a bit of a wild man when I first met him but lovable through and through. His mom is dedicated to him and she works hard on her sessions and homework. Bruno will now sit or lay down unattended while his mom goes into a coffee shop to get her latte. He is working towards being a therapy dog. In this video Bruno learned getting in and out of the car as well as waiting in the car until invited to leave it.
Olivia is a rescue owned by Shorty's (The Pit Boss) Rescues. I was asked to put some basic training on her to make her more adoptable. When I first met Olivia, she was rather timid and not pleased about being touched, especially on her bottom and her legs. Now you can pick up any of her legs and touch her anywhere and everywhere without causing her any anxiety. Olivia was wild on the leash, she would run in every direction and shy at street sounds, etc. In this video you can see that she has gained her confidence and that she has learned to loose leash walk. Olivia is currently available so if you're looking for a very sweet, loving dog, please let me know and I will put you in contact with the rescue.
Roscoe is a five month old Golden Retriever that has been a very hard leash puller, so hard that he just about lays down he's pulling so hard. This is only his second short session in learning 'the best place to be'. He is already MUCH better but still has a ways to go. Roscoe is a smart, exhuberant boy that will be wonderful with obedience once he gets the hang of it.