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We use only positive reinforcement training methods to create this behavior. This dog is working for love and praise, not because he feels he has to. Non aversive retrieve and carry training may take longer than more aversive methods, but the training holds strong where aversive learned behaviors may fail.
(858) 353-4900
We have over thirty years of training experience from obedience to problem behaviors including aggression. We are Certified
Professional Dog Trainers through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors. We are licensed by the AKC for their Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen training and certification programs. We are licensed by The Association of Pet Dog Trainers for their C.L.A.S.S. training programs. Our training methods are based in positive reinforcement so your dog learns in a fashion that doesn't harm physcally or emotionally.
Shelly has an incredible way with animals! She worked with me and my one year old malamute. Within the first 5 minutes I saw an outstanding difference in my dog. He was listening and obeying her every command (even without a treat in her hands!) I saw exactly what I wanted to see in my dog while she was working with him. She gave me amazing information and tips on every question and concern I had, and had a solution to everything! After our first session, I saw incredible improvements in my dog's behavior.

Not only is Shelly an amazing trainer, but she is all around fun to be around!
We help you teach your dog the basic manners needed to interact within society.
Teaching your dog basic manners translates to a dog you will enjoy being out in public with. Your dog will learn to follow your cues even when distractions such as strangers are near.
We can help you prepare your home for your new puppy, as well as teach you the basics needed to create a happy, obedient, interactive family member with early training.
We will give you the skills you need to teach potty training, bite inhibition, correct chewing choices, crate training, socialization and other helpful behaviors.
Our basic through advanced classes will help your dog learn how to follow your cues in a group situation.
We have many classes for you to choose from you can receive the classroom training you desire
Our private instruction is held in your home or wherever the need takes us.
Since the dog lives with you, your home is the best place to begin training and also to correct issues related to the home. We are also available to do training sessions outside the home where it is necessary.
Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs while out on a walk?
This is considered a reactive dog and once we know the reason for the reactive nature, we can work to solve it.
Does your dog guard his food when anyone comes near? Does he guard his toys and growl if you try to take them? Does he guard his spot on the sofa or bed?
This is known as resource guarding and your dog can be trained in a completely positive, manner not to do it.
Do you have a dog that is shy or even afraid around strangers?
We can help you teach your shy dog how to interact more happily and more confidntly with strangers.
This is Olivia, a rescue Pit Bull I worked with for Shorty's (The Pit Boss) Rescues. When I met her, she was timid and didn't like being touched, especially around her back end. She had been hit and dragged by a car and was understandibly scared. After rehab, she was transferred to another rescue in Arizona and adopted out from there.
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